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Importance of understanding "The Qur'an" from the Original Text

From the beginning of human habitation on this earth, many heavenly Revelations came down. Unfortunately we missed the original texts. Only the Last Testament is intact, in its original, historically proven, unceasing ever present throughout fourteen centuries in its original Arabic.

There is no difference throughout the history in its wordings. The translations vary while the commentaries are having many divergent opinions. If someone wants to re-search, re-discover, re-think, he/she should refer to the Original. To understand it in its original is not quite difficult.

The references provided here should be checked in original Arabic text. If it is not possible to understand it in its original, at least 3 translations should be referred. Two recommended by us are, "The Message of The Qur’an" translated and explained by Muhammed Asad, published by Dar Al-Andalus Limited, 3 Library Ramp, Gibraltar. For Urdu speaking viewers please refer "Aasan Urdu Tarjuma" an urdu translation by Hafiz Nazar Ahmed, published by Farid Bookdepot, 422-Mitya Mahal, Jama Masjid, Delhi 110002, India. In case of any difficulty, please contact the moderator at eqmod@explore-quran.com.

As a first step towards Online learning of Qur'anic Arabic Click Herewe are putting "Quranic Grammar Work Book" for our honoured guests and viewers. This is an effort by one of the Explore-Quran team members. May Allah reward him for his endeavor.

This Work Book can be downloaded in part (lesson wise) or complete from this website. The printed version of the Quranic Grammar Work Book is also available at : Al-Kitab Publishing House, 2-New Ahbab Colony, Near Mahesh Nagar, Behind Anant Nagar, Nagpur-440 013, (INDIA)

Further we wish to inform you that a three hour "introductory workshop" on the ongoing "Quranic Arabic Classes" conducted country wide under the guidance of Mr. Abdul Ghafoor Parekh, moderator of this site is available with us in a VHS cassette and/or 3 # VCDs. interested individuals can contact us for further information.