Eid ul Adha Greetings - 2009

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“Eid ul Adha 2009"
The Great Sacrifice by Prophet Ibrahim,
The Great Messenger of Almighty GOD,
Unanimously accepted as Patriarch of
Jews, Christians and Muslims
Occupies an esteemed status in
The Last Testament, The Holy Qur’an.

According to many verses, two are mentioned here.
Chapter 2 verse 124:
“…………. Almighty GOD said: O Ibrahim, I am going to make you leader (‘Imam’ ) of the mankind ……...”
And in chapter 16 verse 123

“And WE revealed to you O Mohammed (s.a.w.s) , follow the Doctrine of Ibrahim who was steadfast, true in faith, highly virtuous, aloof from all false-beliefs …”
The Great Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim, the one who submitted himself fully to his LORD, and was ever-ready to sacrifice what is asked by his CREATOR
Spiritually teaches us to sacrifice our lust, anger, pride, jealousy, inhuman thoughts, revenge, greed, craving, vengeance, false desires, unjust demands, bad habits only to avoid wrath of our LORD Who is The LORD of the UNIVERSE
Aiming at the rewards in endless final and eternal phase of our life to come.

May such sacrifices be accepted by the Almighty ALLAH
Along with symbolic ones
So that we, our relatives and the destitute can consume
And extol the Glory of our LORD,
LORD of all that exist.

Abdul Ghafoor Parekh