Eid ul Adha Greetings - 2007

Learn to read Al Qur'an


The GOD ALMIGHTY says in HIS Last & Final Testament HE Bestowed upon Prophet
Mohammed (s.a.w.s) fifteen centuries back, in its chapter 63 verse 10, as follows:

"Spend on others out of what WE have provided for you as sustenance,
before there come a time when death approaches any of you,
and then he would cry out,
"O my Sustainer! If only YOU would grant me a delay for a short while,
so that I could give in charity and be among the righteous!"

Our Papa, Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh
Taught us The Book of our Lord
Who is the Lord of the Universe
The Final Testament, Al-Qur'an in its original
And helped us in discovering the lessons.
Few are mentioned here on the auspicious occasion of



Intelligent is one who learns positive lessons
From every event in life, society, world, universe.
Be prepared for the last breath, anytime the death may approach.
Contribute have-nots of the society you dwell
Be honest and humble with them
Be fruitful to the humanity

Find out the lessons from the Holy Qur'an that
There will be always plural societies.
Try to achieve peaceful coexistence in it.
Obey law of land, treat everyone with equality.
Only for the Pleasure of ALLAH.
HE will reward you in both the worlds.
With this message Happy Many

A. Ghafoor Parekh