Eid ul Azha Greetings - 2012

Learn to read Al Qur'an

The Great Messenger, Patriarch of
Jews, Christians and Muslims
Father of this Generations
Prophet Ibrahim,
His devoutness, submission and sacrifices
Mentioned in The Holy Qur’an, The Final Heavenly Testament
In many verses, two are mentioned here.

Chapter 2 verse 124:
“…………. Almighty GOD said: O Ibrahim, I am going to make you leader (Imam ) of the mankind.
Ibrahim asked over: “Will this carry to my coming generation!”
Almighty GOD declared: “MY covenant does not include the evildoers.”

And in chapter 16 verse 123:
“And WE revealed to you O Mohammed (s.a.w.s) , follow the Doctrine of Ibrahim who was steadfast,
true in faith, highly virtuous, aloof from all false-beliefs …”

And in chapter 4 verse 125:
“And who is better in religion than one who submits himself to Almighty GOD,
Do good deeds and follow the doctrine of Ibrahim, who kept himself away from
all that is false, superstitious, unjust, illogical, unscientific, inhuman.
So Almighty GOD exalted Ibrahim as friend.”

From the darkness of human sacrifice, superstitious beliefs, blind faiths, unreasonable,
unethical religious dogmas to the light of symbolic sacrifice of domestic animals
which are useful for humanity in many ways like
food, warming elements, shoes, oil from fat and many more.
GOD Almighty never called for human blood-shed as human is HIS Supreme creation exalted on others.
The Great Sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim teaches us
To be ever-ready to sacrifice our lust, anger, pride, jealousy, inhuman thoughts,
Urge of revenge, greed, craving, vengeance, false desires, unjust demands, bad habits
only to avoid wrath of our LORD, Who is The LORD of the UNIVERSE
And be rewarded in endless final and eternal phase of our life to come.

May such sacrifices be accepted by the Almighty ALLAH
Along with symbolic ones
So that we, our relatives and the destitute can consume
And extol the Glory of our LORD,
LORD of all that exist.
Happy Eid