History of the Treaty

A delegation of 60 Christians living in the community of Narjan, some 600 km south of Médine, the city where lived the Prophet Mohammed, went at his place as a delegation in year 631. The talks between the representatives of a community monotheist with the founder of another lasted three days. They made it possible to once and for all clarify the model of Moslem ethics with respect to "the autre" in religion.

The meeting with the Christians of Najran evoked above was not, far from there, an event isolated in the life from the Prophet, who testifies constantly to the permanence of his interreligious relations. A pact former concluded with the Christians from the Sinai to the monastery from co. Catherine (charter of the privileges), and whose documentation exists still today, brings the proof from there


Text of the treaty

“In the name of lenient and miséricordieux God."
“Charter of protection given by God and his Apostle to those which received the Book, with the Christians who belong to the religion of Najran or any other sect Christian. It was written to them by Mohammad, envoy of God close to all the men, in pledge of protection on behalf of God and his Apostle, and so that this is for the Moslems who will come after him a pact which will engage them, that they will have to admit, to recognize for authentic and to observe in their favor. It is defended with any man, was it governor or holder of authority, the enfreindre or to modify it. The Believers will not have to be the responsibility of the Christians, in their imposing of other conditions that those which are carried in this writing. That which will preserve it, which will respect it, which will conform to what is contained there, will discharge its duties and will observe the pact of the Apostle of God. That which, on the contrary, will violate it, which will be opposed to it, which will change it, will relate its crime to its head; because it will have betrayed the pact of God, will have violated his faith, will have resisted its authority and contravened the will of its Apostle: he will be thus impostor with the eyes of God. Because the religion that God imposed, and the pact whom it made, make protection obligatory. That which will not observe this pact, will violate its sacred duties, and that which violates its sacred duties does not have fidelity and will be disavowed by God and all the sincere Believers. The reason for which the Christians deserved to obtain this pact of protection of God, his Envoy and the Believers, is a right which they were acquired, and which engages whoever is Moslem, to obtain this charter established in their favor by the men of this Religion and which forces any Moslem to have regard there, to lend to him hand-strong, to preserve it, keep it perpetually and to respect it accurately. ”

The protection of God and the guarantee of the Prophet Muhammad, extend on Najran and neighborhood, that is to say on their goods, their people, the practice of their worship, their absent and present, their families and their sanctuaries, and all that large and small, is in their possession


No bishop will be moved of his episcopal seat,
Nor no monk of his monastery,
Nor no priest of his cure,
No humiliation will weigh on them,
Nor the blood of a revenge former to the tender,
They will be neither assemble nor assujetis with the dime,
No troop will press their ground
and when one of them claims its,
equity will be of setting parmis them
they will be neither oppressed oppressors nor
and quiquonque of them in the future wear will practice, will be put out of my protection.

No man among them them will be held for person in charge of the fault of another "T el is the contents of the "Pact of Najran" after the tender of the Christians to the authority of the prophet of the Islam"

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