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  • However, as in any human relationship, things can go wrong in a marriage. In such cases, Chapter 4 lays down that: -

    "If a woman fears ill-treatment or desertion on the part of the husband, it shall be no offense to seek mutual agreement (to separate); for agreement is better (than strife). Man is prone to avarice but if you do what is right.... God will know."

    (From Holy Qur'an 4/128)

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  • Illusory opiates like "A marriage is made in heaven, forever, till death does us part" or that it remains "valid from birth to birth, for seven births" are not fed to a woman in Islam (so that she is fooled into meekly accepting humiliation and maltreatment because the husband is "as God"). Since times immemorial, a favorite ploy used by man to harass a wife is to cast aspersions on her fidelity. Islam does not permit such injustice. Chapter 24 thunders: -

"The adulterer and the adulteress shall each be given 100 lashes. Let no pity for them detain you... Let their punishment be witnessed by a number of believers. (But) those that defame honorable women but cannot produce four witnesses shall be given eighty lashes."

(From Holy Qur'an 24/2)

Want to see or listen the original text please click hereOriginal Text from QUR'AN

  • This is deterrent punishment indeed, for not many can survive beyond 40-45 lashes. The result is that while adultery as such is ruthlessly stamped out, no one dares to level baseless charges of infidelity against innocent women in a Muslim society


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